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Tsubame-shi Kugami
(its company)

Indoor photograph
Finishing [ sale ]
Nishi-ku Ono-machi (its company)

19,800,000 yen
Indoor photograph
Ryokan's village " Foot in Kugami The profound old private house in (it was built 140 years ago.) is reproduced in the present age!
30 million yen

Large land (about 700 tsubos)!
With (The heart is relieved.) open-air bath and Dozou!
The world of gorgeous magnificence and the Taisho Romanesque!
Reformed interior which elaborated gorgeously. !
LDK/38 which are full of a feeling of opening of a well quire!
250m of Ono elementary schools!
Four parking is possible!


Indoor photograph
Finishing [ sale ]
Land (about 257 tsubos)!
The old private house in tiku 130 is reproduced!

Thick beam! With a sunken hearth!